The current Collective class offerings integrate art, language, math and environmental science on a very broad scale, that may include:

Weather and seasons, life cycle, botany, study of senses, measurement, estimating, graphing, mapping, entomology, ornithology, hydrology, color theory, vocabulary, classifying and labeling, and indigenous history.  

Our classes are 3 hours long and hands-on following a progressive model of education. Our times together are rich in experience and go for depth of understanding. It is a wonderful mix of planned and generative curriculum, integrated multi-subject matter, open play and exploration and always, always, fueled by our collective CURIOSITY!

A weekly exploration of the oak woodland

New! A weekly observation and art class documenting seasonal changes, natural discoveries, and scientific questioning

Seasonal workshops that explore a highlight in the garden, oak woodland, or creek through hands-on and experiential learning. Keep an eye out for our Fall 2023 workshops, coming soon!