For Children

January- Mad Hatter's Tea Party (FULL)

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Curiouser and curiouser! Don’t be late for this workshop! Come join us down the rabbit hole for a fun morning of creating teas and potions. Leave wearing a hat of your own design, and with stories to tell!

The garden sends flower love notes year round! But this February you can make your very own flower Valentine Cards! We'll explore a bit about flower parts, which ones smell so sweet, and the hidden message each flower sends. Then we'll create cards and Valentines in a variety of ways. You'll be all set for February 14th!

There’s so much folklore and stories about both Leprechauns and ladybugs that grab children’s innate curiosity! We will weave quite a morning between make believe, ecology, and sustainable building practices for Leprechaun dwellings.

Spring is a busy time of year for birds at Johnson Springview and there’s so much to observe and be curious about! Under the oaks, along the banks of the creek, and mixed with the wildflowers, the mushrooms are sprouting and have stories to tell!

This is a hands-on, and feet-wet learning opportunity! There’s no better way to learn about our watershed, than being knee deep in a local creek.

For Adults

Coming this January!

A foray into all things citrus! Taste the wide range of delectable Placer County citrus. Learn facts and tidbits, from historical to informative. Make limoncello (byov) and citrus candy, all while sipping on freshly squeezed mimosas and munching on brunchy snacks.

Dates & details SOON!