Naturally Curious

Outdoor Environmental Sciences- Exploring oak woodlands, creeks, wetlands and learning all the while!

Naturally Curious offers a monthly adventure to the 92-acre Johnson Springview Park!

Kids are naturally curious and that makes them prime candidates for asking questions, looking closely, and making observations that lead to discoveries!

Meeting in the oak woodland we will explore the area noting our observations and discoveries together! We will focus on the season at hand, soaking in the evidence around us. We will also participate in the documentation of identified plants and animals collecting information for citizen science projects.

Using planned and structured curriculum for identifying birds, trees, plants, learning about weather systems, clouds and our watershed, we will also have plenty of unstructured time for games and exploration or for anything nature throws in front of us to dive into! Perhaps, literally!

Class Logistics:

  • Ideal for ages 7-12

  • @ Johnson Springview Park in oak woodland

Class Dates:

Hoping to Resume Classes January 2021-

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Class Fees:



Please read Rules for Outdoors before signing your child up for a class.