Beginning Piano & Basics

I grew up playing the piano. I started when I was five and took lessons all through High School. When I started college I took lessons from an instructor who had studied at Juliard! I learned so much from her, she was amazing. Over the years, I've enjoyed being able to play the piano. I love playing Christmas music for a group of friends as we sing old carols at the top of our lungs or catching a break for myself and playing my favorite songs from Les Mis. When I purchased my first home, I was anxious to purchase a piano. Because I loved children and teaching, it just made sense that I would give piano lessons. My goal in teaching piano is to help children enjoy music. They may only take a year of lessons or it may become a life long passion. Regardless, the experience should be positive and enjoyable. Yes, there is practicing and learning, but it should never be painful. Music is a great thing to get curious about! And what an amazing skill to learn to read music and play it for yourself. I love accompanying kids on their musical learning journey! -Tai

Private lessons, Virtual only


$25 for 30 minutes

$50 for 1 hour

Email Tai@thecuriositycollective.org for questions or to discuss lessons!