Stay Curious Challange

A monthly challenge to spur your curiosity!

Curiosity is easy! Something piques your interest and bam, your curious. Staying curious is where the challenge is. Our monthly STEM oriented challenge will give you a chance to get curious and STAY curious. Build, create, experiment, tinker and troubleshoot! Some projects we've done: popsicle stick catapults, water ballon foot launchers, Lego Jack-o-lanterns, and makedo cardboard creations.

Class Logistics:

  • Ideal ages 7-12
  • Classes held in private home and backyard
  • Last Tuesdays of the Month, 9:30-12:30

Class Dates:

February 25- Airplane and launcher making

March 31- Egg drop Challange

April 28- TBA

May 26- TBA

Class Fees:

  • $35 per class
  • $5 supply fee