Artist Study

This is a two hour long "meet the artists" workshop. Children ages 8-14 will participate in a workshop that encompasses the artist's background and history while viewing and discussing their art. We will discuss their particular style of art or art movement, and participate in a hands-on project based on the artist's style.

Things to know:

  • 2 hour workshop in YOUR home, with 5-10 child YOU arrange.

  • Perfect for ages 8-14

  • $25 per child plus $10 supply fee. (Supply fee is good for 3 workshops)

  • Must have an agreed environment to work in

New workshops will be released monthly!


Frida Kahlo


Was her eyebrow REALLY that big??? Why did she paint so many self portraits?

Frida was a special lady. She had big plans and dreamed big dreams. She expressed herself through her art and was passionate about life.

Join us to learn more about Frida's turbulent life, explore her paintings, and learn a little about her favorite time of year and Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead).

After class, you will begin to notice Frida's work everywhere!


October 9,16,23,30

Contact to schedule

If Frida isn't your jam, we encourage you to check back next month for more offerings! Each month will feature new workshops with an array topics to get curious about.