Virtual Workshops

We'd love nothing more than to be together exploring the garden or the creek. But just because we are on pause from in-person gatherings, doesn't mean we can't get curious about nature together.

Join us for monthly hands-on workshops featuring a variety of nature-based and seasonal themes. With the help of some common household items and school supplies we will get curious about the little things in the world around us. We will draw, dissect, story-tell, observe, plant, and share our questions and discoveries.

Because we are meeting virtually we recognize the necessity of small class sizes. We want every student to have a chance to ask questions and share. This is why our ratio is 1:6. We've also narrowed the class age ranges to ensure the we've addressed the developmental appropriateness of each workshop.

Things to know:

  • We offer 3 week studies so we have a chance to dig in a bit.

  • 3 week studies come with a curiosity kit to aid in our exploration. Kits are an additional $15 supply fee and to be picked up prior to class.

  • Each workshop includes a small amount of pre-work to prepare for our study, a discussion group via Google Classroom to share photos, questions and observations, and follow-up activities to further curiosity.

New workshops will be released monthly!


Three week Studies- 1 hour per week, $60 per study plus $15 kit fee.

Dates for 6-8 year olds

*Thursday @10:00 am-October 8, 15, 22

*Friday@10:00 am-October 9,16,23

Dates for 9-12 year olds

*Thursday @1:00 pm

October 8, 15, 22

*Friday @ 1:00 pm

October 9,16,23

Salad Sprouters

(6-8 yrs) & (9-12 yrs)

Have you ever grown vegetables from seed? Lets do it together!! Fall is the perfect time to grow a salad.

Don't have a garden? No problem. We'll be growing these seeds in pots. You'll get everything you need to sprout a salad in your Curiosity Kit.

While we're waiting for our seeds to sprout we'll learn about:

  • soil make-up

  • seed anatomy

  • germination

  • seed packet info

  • plant parts

This class provides:

  • Curiosity Kit- materials to grow a salad; seeds, pots, dirt, and a few extras

  • A Google Classroom login for activities, Meet links and a forum to share observations and ask questions.

Taught by Tai French

If sprouting seeds isn't your jam, we encourage you to check back next month for more offerings! Each month will feature a new workshop with an array of nature based topics to investigate.